Discovering the Oracle: Sacred Rebels-Alana Fairchild

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Hello lovelies!!

I thought it may be really helpful to talk about the different tools that we used for psychic readings.

So, along my journey I will share different oracle card decks that I love and use. To me oracle cards emit different energies. It is like you are being called to chose particular decks, a feeling deep in my soul that resonates throughout my body.

A vibration, tingles even!


The first deck I am introducing you too is Alana Fairchild's Sacred Rebels. In fact, this was the first deck I ever bought, from a beautiful new age she in a tiny coastal town called Berry. It's the Global Contact Bookstore. When I first heard about this gorgeous store, it was just is passing in a conversation with friends. I really, really wanted to go! I was on holidays in a nearby town and I knew I just had to go there. Little did I know that it was a beginning of a spiritual awakening journey! I went in, my body seeming to be a lot slower that my heart and spirit wanted me to go. I didn't know where to start., it was like another time and place in there. I spoke to a beautiful soul there, and sales assistant, an intuitive herself who guided me to chose my deck. All I knew is that I wanted to connect with Goddess energy, as I had been to an amazing Goddess Workshop recently in Canberra with Psychic Medium Suzy Cherub and Bec Cuzzillo from Song of Oya.

The sales assistant pulled out so many decks for me and said you will know when you find the one. We played with the cards, connected with them and I chose. The one that came home with me was 'Sacred Rebels'. The things was, I had it sitting in my house for about a year before I actually used it. I had bought others decks within that time and used them and loved them.


The Sacred Rebels, had this deep, deep energy that I wasn't ready for. But one day I had to get it out to use. It was at a time when I didn't really feel myself; things were changing and my spiritual awakening was amping up. I did a reading on myself, it was intense, revealing, beautiful and resonated so deeply. Sacred Rebels is one of my favourite decks that I call upon to give in-depth guidance. The art work is stunningly breathtaking, by Autumn Skye Morrison. Her work is so intuitive and inspires me so much.

Aland Fairchild has a beautiful collection of work. Her guidance and connections with spirit is authentic and comes

from love. She is so connected to the Goddesses and empowers women beyond this world.

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