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Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Welcome to the first blog. This is a space that I'm creating to share my thoughts, journey, recommendations and experiences and I hope they connect and resonate with you all. I so grateful and filled with love that you are here for the journey with me. The last few years have been quite a transformation. My career to date is a primary school teacher and I loved it. I could not imagine doing anything else in the world. It was my passion. I didn't want to be a Principal (although I have respected and admired many whom I have worked along side of) or a school leader in any way. I was perfectly happy in my classroom, creating a beautiful learning space for my students. I also loved mentoring Education students. It was such an honour to be able to guide new teachers.

At the same time about 8ish years ago, my Grandmother, 'Nanny Des' passed away (oh I'm getting a teary writing this). 10 years prior, my pop passed away. I loved them both so much. But Nanny Des just got me. I spent a lot of my time growing up staying with my nan and pop. When I could drive, I used to take nan and pop for drives around the harbour in Newcastle (Pop loved seeing the Navy boats that came in) or would take Nan shopping and boy, she loved to shop (I definitely get that from her!). I missed he so much. After we got back from her funeral, I had such a realistic dream. I dreamt that she sat on the end of my bed, touched my leg, hugged me and said she was perfectly fine, that it was ok, she loved me. I felt her presence so much. I was telling my husband about it in the morning, and he said he had a very similar dream, although sitting in our lounge room. I knew it was much more than a dream.

That was the beginning (actually just next step in my journey) of my psychic and intuitive skills and connecting with the spiritual realm. She is definitely an ancestral guide for me. She forms my 'squad' as I refer to them. I have always been intuitive. Being an only child, a pisces, very imaginative, fun loving, outgoing, I thought everybody just 'kew' what I knew. My vivid dreams (links to my clairvoyance), feeling and reading the room, sensing people, emotions and vibes and something not 'feeling' right (clairsentience) being sacred of the dark (hearing names, noises-clairaudience) or smelling different smells that were unexplained (clairscent). Now I know what I know and I know that this was the start of something new...

I'm going to share more of my journey in the coming weeks as part of 'The Start of Something New' series, plus sharing my favourite oracle deck cards, plus much more. xxx

In love and light


Nanny Des and I. I was about 5 years old. I remember visiting the farm where this photo was taken.

This is me!

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