Luna Guidance- the Goddess, the Moon, the Oracle

Tap into the moopn vibes! I have always been fascinated by the moon, and intuitively knowing that there is something just so magical in the sky. I have always been intuitively drawn to the mystical moon. Beginning with the new moon, receive intuitive and healing messages through a three card reading each month. Learn about the moon cycle and working with Goddess energies. Through setting sacred space and intentions for personalised readings, I will provide you with guidance for 3 moon cycles of 2020. Open to all. Limited spots available.

What's included in Luna Guidance:

  • Monthly three oracle card reading, including your Goddess for the month, moon card and oracle card, delivered straight to your email/phone/messenger.

  • Learn about Goddesses, their attributes and origins, and how to call in their energies. (Goddess can embody both masculine and feminine energies, as we can and we can tap into both of those energies at anytime)

3 Cycle Luna Guidance: The Goddess; The Moon; The Oracle






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