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I am a psychic medium, intuitive writer, sacred space holder, mum, partner, friend, an only child, moon lover, stargazer + crystal collector.

This is the essence of The Creative Goddess...

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Moon Child_35_edited.png

Meet The Creative Goddess...

I have a deep connection to home and the energies of water. I grew up very close to the beach and spent many hours exploring it's landscape. It is in these childhood moments, my wild imagination and vivid dreams as a child that has led me on my journey.


These moments have nurtured my creativeness, harnessing what has now become an intuitive gift to share to empower women and  the women warriors and goddesses around me.


Since my younger years, I've forever felt to be moving on a different plane — both energetically and spiritually, tuning in to the "noise" around me and embracing my natural clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities. 


My connections within (and my fascination with the stars and moon) have led the way of a spiritual awakening, that I have surrendered in trust to the universe, giving voice to my psychic mediumship and creating an opportunity to share my intuitive poetry.